Mortty – Order Info


All Mortty Kits ordered after July 1st include the new Mortty v3 circuit board

The Mortty CW and RTTY Keyer Kit includes all of the items listed in the Assembly Manual Parts LIst page: the Arduino Nano, the case, the USB cable, the Mortty printed circuit board, and all components to be installed on the Mortty board. You will need a cable to connect to your radio and the tools listed in the Mortty – Assembly manual. Everything else is included in the kit.

IMPORTANT: As a convenience for first-time Arduino users, we pre-load your preferred mode on the Arduino Nano. Please purchase the CW, RTTY, and/or nanoIO versions of the Mortty kit (or kitS – 2 RTTY? 2 CW? one of each?). Of course, you can always replace the installed sketch later using the Arduino IDE.

Step 1: Shipping

Mortty kits and shipping information. Please select one shipping method per package (not per kit).  Order multiple kits and pay only one flat-rate shipping fee.


Priority Domestic (US) Shipping = $7.20: Add one (1) shipping fee to each package


International (non-US) Shipping = $35.00: USPS Flat-Rate is the best/cheapest option at $35.{ugh!}


Step 2: Product Selection

Select one or more of any combination of the following products. The Mortty developers will pre-load your sketch selections on the Arduino Nano(s).

Mortty CW kit price = $18.00 (US)


Mortty RTTY kit price = $18.00 (US)


Mortty nanoIO kit price = $18.00 (US)