Mortty – Assembly



Close-up view of an assembled Mortty v3 circuit board with its 22 components

VERY IMPORTANT: The developers use some creative assembly tricks to squeeze all of Mortty’s features into this small enclosure. Please read and carefully follow the kit instructions in the sequence presented in the manual.

Mortty v3 assembly instructions can be found on the Downloads page HERE:

The final version of the previous Mortty v2 assembly instructions is also available on the Downloads page

Mortty v3 kit prior to assembly

In addition to the Assembly Manual, this MP4 Video describes the steps necessary to Connect, Download, Install, Compile, and Upload the software associated with Mortty.

The website links referenced in the video:

CH341G driver:
K0SM TinyFSK Sketch:
K3NG CW Keyer Sketch :
W1HKJ nanoIO Keyer Sketch:
Arduino IDE Program: