Mortty – Overview



Mortty – Morse Code and RTTY Keyer

Mortty is a Do-It-Yourself construction project that provides a miniature enclosure and a computing platform for K0SM’s TinyFSK RTTY Keyer software or K3NG’s CW Keyer software. It optionally can be configured to run W1HKJ’s nanoIO software using fldigi.

Unlike the full-featured – and more expensive – hardware solutions for CW and RTTY keying that are widely available to amateurs, Mortty is an inexpensive minimalist solution that depends upon the configuration and control features incorporated in popular logging and control programs. This tiny box measures only 2 inches long and 1 inch square (50mm by 25mm). Mortty has two input connectors (a microUSB jack to connect a computer and a 3.5mm jack to connect a CW paddle) and one output connector (a 3.5mm jack that provides PTT, CW and FSK signals to your transceiver).



Designed by N8AR and K8UT, Mortty is available as a complete parts kit, or you can use this guide to build your own from “scratch.”