FANticipator – Installation


  1. Connect your KPA1500 to your local area network by inserting an ethernet cable into its RJ-45 jack
  2. Configure your KPA1500 for ethernet operation by enabling the menu option TECH MODE
  3. Check your KPA1500 network settings by reading the menu option NET IP ADDRESS. (write it down)


  1. Download the FANTICIPATOR.ZIP file from the website link provided
  2. Create a suitable directory for the file and unzip the contents into that directory
  3. Using the Windows File Explorer, check the directory for two files: fanticipator.exe and fanticipator.xml


  1. Edit the fanticipator.xml file with your favorite text editor (notepad.exe?)
  2. Change the >KPAconfig >Address entry to the KPA1500 NET IP ADDRESS recorded earlier
  3. For right now, leaving everything else unchanged
  4. Save the file


  1. Launch the fanticipator.exe application (you can also make a desktop shortcut if that is easier)
  2. If your configuration is correct, the status fields in FANticipator should immediately reflect readings taken from the KPA1500
  3. Version 0.1 of FANticipator only has two functional controls: During Tx and AFTER Tx. Everything else is read-only status information in this version
  4. When you close FANticipator (the X in the corner) the settings and screen position will be save to the KPA1500settings.xml file


  • If FANticipator complains about not connecting to the amplifier, open a DOS windows and run the PING command to see if your KPA1500 NET IP ADDRESS is correct. PING <NET IP ADDRESS><return>
  • More stuff to follow… probably gonna need something about IP addresses and DHCP versus static address on your LAN