FANticipator – Features

FANticipator – Features

  • Free
  • Runs on Windows 7 and newer (and likely on Linux emulators WINE & VirtualBox)
  • Requires no modifications to the KPA1500
  • Connects to the KPA1500 over ethernet TCP / WiFi (no messy serial port splitters required)
  • Operates in parallel with traditional logging software CAT applications on serial ports
  • Lightweight, minimal CPU load

FANticipator – Fan Control Assumptions

  • You prefer to have the fans automatically shut off completely when the amp nears ambient temperature
  • You prefer hearing the fans when transmitting rather than when receiving
  • You prefer listening to more time with the fans running at speed #1 rather than less time with the fan at speeds #2 or #3


FANticipator – Enhanced Fan Control

  1. During Tx, override the fan menu settings and run at settings +1
    With this option checked, the fan will always run when you are transmitting. This transmit-only feature encourages low fan speeds and discourages the amp from reaching higher temperatures. Whereas normally the fan might be off until the fan reaches 60c, this option – when transmitting – will run the fan at setting #1 until the KPA1500 reaches 60c; at #2 between 61 and 70, and #3 between 71 and 80.
  2. After Tx, override fan settings and run at #1 until temp reaches XX 
    With this option checked, the fan will continue running in Receive at the lowest fan setting (#1) until the KPA1500 temperature is below a user-defined threshold (in this screenshot example, 40c). This receive-only option favors the Search & Pounce operator by rapidly cooling the amplifier during receive intervals. This option also sets the KPA1500 Fan menu option to “MIN = 0,” which effectively turns off the fan when the threshold temperature is reached. (quiet shack!)